Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 : Quad – Core With Best Performance

Success with Core 2 duo as prime mainstream replaced Pentium D, Intel released Core 2 Quad. Intel Core 2 quad is quad core processor for PC, ones is Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600.


Intel Core 2 Quad has been released long enough, that’s why this processor still using 65nm production process, not yet using Intel production process, 45nm. This processor has work frequency equal to 2400 MHz with FSB equal to 266MHz dan multiplier 9.

Cache L2 8MB

As result of merge two Core 2 Duo processor with cache L2 4MB, Intel Core 2 quad Q6600 has cache L2 equal to 8MB (2 x 4MB). Cache L1, this processor has 4 x 32KB for data and 4 x 32KB for instructions.

Because of merger, there are no special track that join both Core 2 Duo. Track that used is FSB, this is less efficient from maximal work sight, but more efficient if look from cost sight. That is the truth, make native quad core (not merge 2 processor core duo) have more risk, and if make with merge 2 processor can have maximal work frequency.


Besides performance, recently processor is claimed to depress energy source that used. Like Core 2 Duo, Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 also equipped with Enhanced Intel Speedstep Technology (EIST). EIST will decrease energy source that is used when working. Besides EIST, LGA775 processor equipped with MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, Execute Disable Bit, Intel 64, and Intel VT.

582 Million Transistors

Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 has 582 million transistors with die size 286mm2, TDP (Thermal Design Power) 95W and 105W, voltage (VID) Intel give the range between 0.85V till 1.5V.


Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 is interesting processor, from the test result give best performance. There lot of software that could not yet use quad core processor optimally, but so sure in the future this could change. This make Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 the right option in the future.

The Best Guide To Plan Your Computers Shopping

As we know at this time notebook has reached the lowest price compared to the past, its not thing that can only owned by higher class people. Everyone can have it, especially in this era, when technology is the important thing to people activities. Recently whole part of the world has change so fast, technology has become so futuristic, and I am so interested with this kind of change.

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There are some brand that I want to buy, those are Dell, HP, Toshiba, ASUS, and Apple. I really need those things information so I will make right decision that agrees with my needs.

Recently notebooks are sleek, light and powerful that offer high performance, that’s my choice because I am mobile lovers. Notebook built in with Wi-Fi and with this feature I will always get connected to internet wherever I am as long as in wireless network reach. Hahaha it’s so mobile.

In order to get deep understanding about computer technology, I visit desktop vs. laptop debate article and I found really grateful article that shows comparison between Desktop and Laptop. At this site I have also found great article that compiled from other popular source that will enrich our understanding about computer technology.

And for other features, its look very interested so I can say this is very useful site for your guide to buy computers.

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Dinky Which Peep At

Since year 2005 ago, Intel have presenting dinky computer platform which nicknamed as Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC), Microsoft even also have time to make observers of vexed technology very hardly with their “Origami” project, which actually is the part of support this biggest software vendor to UMPC platform.

Samsung, the first company released UMPC peripheral which called Q1. Samsung movement caught up by ASUS which then introduce R2H, Founder with their mininote, also TableKiosk with i7210. Now, there are many vendors introducing the similar dinky super computer.

After UMPC, the another term in computer world emerge, Vendor HTC Touch which is on 2007 then acquisition Dopod, introduce the mini computer also provided with telefony feature. Given term for newest peripheral HTC Shift, is subnotebook. This peripheral come up a little bit similiar with Communicator Nokia series shift model. it is cultivated by Windows Vista operating system.

Seemingly the mini computer produce don’t desist, newest news come from Lenovo. At CES ( Consumer Electronics Shows) 2008 in the early January in Las Vegas, vendor from China introduce their peripheral Ultra Small PC prototype which is provided with the newly Intel platform which is have codename Menlow.

According to the plan, peripheral being based on Linux will be released this year in China. In other state, Lenovo will be released to market in the year 2009. Besides gives support to internet access, this ultra dinky PC also carry many feautures such as Bluetooth and WLAN. Communications support also provided through EDGE or TDS-CDMA support. For the storage media facility, Lenovo provide SSD with two capacities choice, 4GB or 8GB. People say peripheral with 4.8 inch LCD display screen and weight of 300 grams will be at price around $700 US.

Inferential that dinky fairish computer both portabel, semi portable, or non portable become one market piquancy attention. Mobility and internet is information technology future.

Travel to Beautiful Amsterdam, Netherland

Beautiful Amsterdam Images

Amsterdam is a beautiful and romantic city. It's so interesting to look at and pleasing to walk around, an intriguing mix of the parochial and the international; it also has a welcoming attitude towards visitors and a uniquely youthful orientation, shaped by the liberal counterculture of the last four decades. It's hard not to feel drawn by the buzz of open-air summer events, by the cheery intimacy of the city's clubs and bars, and by the Dutch facility with languages: just about everyone you meet in Amsterdam will be able to speak good-to-fluent English, on top of their own native tongue, and often more than a smattering of French and German too.

The city's layout is determined by a web of canals radiating out from an historical core to loop right round the centre. These planned, seventeenth-century extensions to the medieval town make for a uniquely elegant urban environment, with tall gabled houses reflected in their black-green waters. This is the city at its most beguiling, a world away from the traffic and noise of many other European city centres, and it has made Amsterdam one of the continent's most popular short-haul destinations. These charms are supplemented by a string of first-rate attractions, most notably the Anne Frankhuis, where the young Jewish diarist hid away during the German occupation of World War II, the Rijksmuseum, with its wonderful collection of Dutch paintings, including several of Rembrandt's finest works, and the peerless Vincent van Gogh Museum, with the world's largest collection of the artist's work.

However, it's Amsterdam's population and politics that constitute its most enduring characteristics. Celebrated during the 1960s and 1970s for its radical permissiveness, the city mellowed only marginally during the 1980s, and, despite the gentrification of the last twenty years, it retains a laid-back feel. That said, it is far from being as cosmopolitan a city as, say, London or Paris: despite the huge numbers of immigrants from the former colonies in Surinam and Indonesia, as well as Morocco and Turkey – to name but a few – almost all live and work outside the centre and can seem almost invisible to the casual visitor. Indeed, there is an ethnic and social homogeneity in the city centre that seems to run counter to everything you may have heard of Dutch integration.

The apparent contradiction embodies much of the spirit of Amsterdam. The city is world famous as a place where the possession and sale of cannabis are effectively legal – or at least decriminalized – and yet, for the most part, Amsterdammers themselves can't really be bothered with the stuff. And while Amsterdam is renowned for its tolerance towards all styles of behaviour and dress, a primmer, more correct-thinking big city, with a more mainstream dress sense, would be hard to find. Behind the cosy cafés and dreamy canals lurks the suspicion that Amsterdammers' hearts lie squarely in their wallets, and while newcomers might see the city as a liberal haven, locals can seem just as indifferent to this as well.

In recent years, a string of hardline city mayors have taken this conservatism on board and seem to have embarked on a generally successful – if often unspoken – policy of squashing Amsterdam's image as a counterculture icon and depicting it instead as a centre for business and international high finance. Almost all the inner-city squats – which once well-nigh defined local people-power – are gone or legalized, and coffeeshops have been forced to choose between selling dope or alcohol, and, if only for economic reasons, many have switched to the latter. Such shifts in attitude, combined with alterations to the cityscape, in the form of large-scale urban development on the outskirts and regeneration within, combine to create an unmistakeable feeling that Amsterdam and its people are busy reinventing themselves, writing off their hippyfied history to return to earlier, more stolid days.

Nevertheless, Amsterdam remains a casual and intimate place, and Amsterdammers themselves make much of their city and its attractions being gezellig, a rather overused Dutch word roughly corresponding to a combination of "cosy", "lived-in" and "warmly convivial". Nowhere is this more applicable than in the city's unparalleled selection of drinking places, whether you choose a traditional brown bar or one of a raft of newer, designer cafés, or grand cafés. The city boasts dozens of great restaurants too, with its Indonesian cuisine second-to-none, and is at the forefront of contemporary European film, dance, drama and music. The city has several top-rank jazz venues and the Concertgebouw concert hall is home to one of the world's leading orchestras. The club scene is restrained by the standard of other main cities, although the city's many gay bars and clubs partly justify Amsterdam's claim to be the "Gay Capital of Europe".